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Conquer the world by having children!

Strategic Upbringing Simulation.

Language : English, Korean, Japanese


A kingdom is invaded

to near destruction.

But, a sole survivor of the throne

refuses to give up hope

and has high ambitions for the kingdom.

Make many spouses,

Make lots of children,

Build an army!

Conquer the world!


※Cannot change character's name in Mac version.


v1.14 Update (Plus Version)

Open difficulty 'level god'

Enable to multi touch in war

Change image of level 1 of 'Kingdom of God'

Add spring

Add explorer

Show success rate of explore

Add job fair

Add job school

Add Trade in Diplomacy

Fix a bug : crash if name is too long

Fix a bug : can't use spring when hp is full

Fix a bug : Crash after 'change name'

Fix a bug : bomb(or another) button is disabled when touch surrender button

Fix Japanese title


v1.1 Update (Plus Version)

1) Time Attack Mode : Conquer the world within one generation.

2) Challenge Mode : combat with limited soldier.

3) New Kingdom : Kingdom of God


v1.082 Update

Add 'Remove save file' (System Menu)

Add warning Help

Add elite maid, elite butler

Link Developer's Twitter, Facebook(Staff menu)

Add magic of time stop, poison gas

Add invasion

Add Kingdom of magic

Add Armored soldier, Wizard, Chemist

Prison size by castle size

Improve UI

Stability of save up

Add 'Copy save' (System Menu)

Childs follow the father's surname(not king's surname).

Childs follow mother's surname if player is queen.


v1.05 Update

Add Explore
No need to king's command
Luxury Level Max up
Add rebel
Summary decision : Gambling, violence
Can control scouting speed
Queen's procreation rate up
Exile&explore prisoners directly
Add the Kingdom of Poison (over Difficult 4)
Can select difficult when start
10 prisoner limits
Show saved information ON / OFF (system)
(Recommend to off if it takes a long time when you select 'continue' in main menu)
increase stability of save


v1.0a Update

Remove spy(change to auto)


v1.0 Update

Menu, depending on the level of the open house

Rise the maximum level of luxury

Trainer capacity up(1-> 3)

Rise cost for hire

Add Kingdom of Dark(after 2 clear)

Add Kingdom of Cannon(after 3 Clear)

Add Diplomacy

Add spy

Add police

Add unique character image


v0.95 Update

Add kingdom of fire (after 1 clear)

Add Monk

Add Procreation ban / allowed

Can be used in medicine in war

Change selections for children course

Minor changes propose balance

Remove name character limit

Add 'Scouting' in War menu

Add a bit of help

PlatformsWindows, macOS


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